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Don't pay money for Jobs
24 Oct

Don't pay money for Jobs

Have you been asked to pay money for the job? On the name of providing a job, scam is going on frequently to collect money. In the market, you will find scammers who pretend to be recruiters to make the theft of your confidential information and bank account credential as well. Such activity has become a common occurrence and you won’t be able to differentiate between genuine and fake ones. But always remember that authentic recruitment consultants never ask for money so if you are asked to pay, you don’t pay money for the job.

Identifying a recruitment scam is the toughest task as scammers include the sophisticated plan to accomplish their target. Most often, they use the name of renowned companies and communicate with you like the recruiters of that company regarding your resume information. These are their tactics to win your trust and convince their job offers. Even they create a LinkedIn profile to make sure that they are authentic recruitment consultants. So you should be aware of these scams and don’t pay money at all costs. Scammers tactfully ask for money by letting you know that you will require depositing their registration fee or job processing fee. However, their motive is to take your personal information to meet their evil goal.

How do fake recruiters carry their scam?

Usually, when you update your resume to grab new opportunities, they keep exploring the resume of applicants online. After accessing your resume, they send you an email to share fake job descriptions. they also contact applicants through their given contact number to make them think that they have received the legitimate job offer. Therefore, when you receive such email or phone calls so be cautious. Fake recruiters strive to make you feel that you are the most suitable candidate for the profile they are looking for. In addition to these, they do not ask much about your experience and achievement in the previous or current organization. Therefore, don’t pay money for the job offer of this kind.

Their source of connecting with job applicants is social media; they keep on posting the job offers on Facebook, LinkedIn to trap the job-seekers. Thus, all job applicants need to learn how to recognize scammers. The one thing that is noticeable about the fake recruiters is that they ask the applicant’s last four numbers of the social media security number and personal information. Apart from this, sometimes they also try to collect your credit card number or bank account information by conveying to you like their job processing norms.

You may be asked to fill their online form to let them proceed for hiring processes. Whereas this is nothing else, only the tricks to steal your confidential detail as much as possible. And at last, they ask you to pay some amount of money as their fee with the assurance of refund in case of complications in the hiring processes. Despite the strong guarantee of job offers and a refund of money, don’t pay money for the job.

Tips to identify unprofessional emails from fake recruiters:

Generally, fake recruiters do not leave any stone unturned in showing them legitimately. But sometimes they commit unnoticeable mistakes while writing emails. This is needless to say that authentic and well-established companies work with a competent human resource and recruitment team. They will never hire unprofessional people to spoil their name. Thus, if you receive an email where you come across the errors in spellings, capitalization, punctuation, and other grammatical mistakes, therefore, you need to be sure that it might be a scam email regarding a job offer.

Another remarkable aspect is that they force job applicants to take interviews utilizing instant messaging services. They always direct the applicants to create a profile and get in touch with the hiring manager or you may be asked to initiate with filling your confidential information. You need to be alert from being taken in; otherwise, you may have to face a huge loss.


Don’t pay money for a job as a legitimate recruitment consultant never asks for this from job applicants. They do not instruct them to create a profile for instant messaging for interview processes. In addition to these, authentic companies and recruiters send an email written in a professional manner