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Free job posting for Employers | online job portals
18 Jul

Free job posting for Employers | online job portals

Recruiters and employers post the job profile via online job portals along with well-drafted job-descriptions and mandatory qualifications to let job-seekers know about their vacancies. Free job posting for Employers is the cost-effective way to build a reliable network of the talent pool.

Searching for the best candidate to meet the requirement for the businesses is a tough task. In this digital era, many Employers and Recruiters are posting their job regularly through the free job posting for Employers.


With the passage of time and increased requirements to get good hires for a particular position within an organization, many job portals sites have been developed. Job portals are believed to be an authentic way to attract job-seekers.

Job posting for Recruiters is an important task to get to a large number of job-seekers. Today they can find multiple numbers of free job posting sites in India to extend their reach to job-seekers residing in even different corners of the country. However, in the previous days, employers and recruiters also used the offline mode like new paper to publish their openings for but the advancement in the digital platform has led to free job portals as well as paid job portals.

The best part of the online job portals sites is that employers can post publish the information about their vacant position and job-seekers can know about and also apply from anywhere as per their matching job-profile.

What are the perks of posting jobs on free online job portals?

Allow to access an enormous number of job-seekers across the country:

Posting the job openings helps employers and recruiters to access an enormous number of job-seekers across the country. Here millions of job-seekers would be able to get information about job vacancies in a specific organization along with eligibility criteria.

Job-seekers can access job-portal anytime and from anywhere:

The availability of information regarding the job opening on job portals enables job-seekers to apply for the job anytime and from anywhere. Another crucial aspect is that they can apply from mobile in a few minutes.

Let job-seekers apply quickly:

Applying for a job through an online job portal is the easiest way. Job-seekers will require only following the steps to log in to their registered account and take a look at the eligibility criteria for the specific profile and tap on the apply option for submission of their application. Later, they can also check out their application status to let them know if employers and recruiters have viewed their application.

Help to save time:

Another vital facet of the online job portal is that, employers can get a database of millions of job-seekers. It is the best way to save time that is likely to get consumed in making effort to access the large number of job-seekers.

Online posting of job openings has made the filtration processes easy

when an employer or recruiter post the job on the selected job portal, they have to just wait for the application to come. Within a few hours, they can receive a countless number of applications and filter features helps them to get to the matching resume with the job profile criteria.

Employers and recruiters may stay proactive

usually when employers and recruiters post a job on online job sites, then they can have an opportunity to build their database of the candidate to meet the resource requirements for upcoming vacancies.

They can do it by saving the candidate's profile for future use. With the facility to post job openings online, recruiters have got tactics to close the opening at a faster rate. This is so because an unexpected number of job-seekers apply for the job opening and in this way, they can create a database of candidates.


The availability of online job portals has significantly contributed to enhancing the chances of a more suitable candidate coming across the job openings. In addition to these, the application that employers and recruiters receive is more in number which provides them with large options to shortlist the most capable candidates.

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