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Hire Employee for your Office from Noida's Best Placement Services
28 Sep

Hire Employee for your Office from Noida's Best Placement Services

At Jaddm placement services, we offer you the best. From hiring suitable candidates as per your requirement to negotiating with them, we do it all. While we do all this, many of you might wonder, how does our hiring process work? Well, we have this detailed article for you that will help you understand our working style and functioning.

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REMEMBER: Be it a consultancy or else, every company has its style and we hire employees in your office as per your requirements.

What do we mean by a Hiring Process?

First thing first, what does a hiring process mean? Well, when a company starts looking for candidates to fill their vacant position(s), it follows a step-by-step process to maintain the system. This makes the search more effective and efficient. Where some companies hire employees by themselves, others hire placement services to do the job.

Come, let us share with your our methodology to hire an employee for your office :-

Hiring Need-

Before we begin to hire an employee for your office, we want clarity on what you need in your candidate. These needs can be something like- a candidate who is great at managing, someone who can bring you business, etc. These needs are mostly new positions/roles in the company or recently vacated ones.

Making a Recruitment Plan:

Once you have decided why you need to hire an employee for your office and what all roles he will perform, it becomes easier for everyone to look for the same. You can conduct a discussion in your own office regarding the expectations and roles to be performed by the new employee. Once you all come on the same path, your recruitment plan would be ready to share that with us.

Job Description:

Once the responsibilities are decided, we work on making the best job description for the same. We make an easy-to-understand description, along with client requirements and responsibilities. This helps the candidate and us as placement services to know about your expectations in advance. It also helps us to bring only refined employees to your doorstep.

Advertise about the Position:

Next up, we advertise on different portals regarding the same. While we go ahead to hire employees for your office, we spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This way, we reach more and more potential candidates for the job role.

Recruit the Position:

While the word of a new position spreads on social media platforms, we begin to actively recruit for the position. Our team of placement services begins to work back & forth to provide you with the best candidate. And for that, we go through a lot of research and analyses. We also reach out to candidates who are not actively looking for a

job change but can be a perfect fit for your job requirements.

Application Review:

While we hire employees for your office, we check every single application. There are a few different methods that we receive the applicants from. And the moment we get them, we make sure to go through every application personally. We eliminate applications that do not even meet the minimum criteria of our client’s requirement. And after reviewing all of them, we only pass on the best-suited applications to our client's company.

Interview Calls:

Once we are satisfied with the list of candidates we have prepared as a placement service provider, we make calls to the respective applicants. We ask them a few basic questions, and if they seem okay with the position, we forward the application to our respective clients for review.

Well, there are more steps that we at Jaddm follow. To learn about them, we request you to reach to our team and understand our thorough procedure.

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