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How to Explain the Gap in Employment in an Interview?
17 Nov

How to Explain the Gap in Employment in an Interview?

Well, this is one of the most concerning questions in today’s time. Where some people leave their jobs voluntarily due to health, family, and other issues, being jobless in the pandemic has become a thing now. When you are on leave for a couple of days or weeks does not affect your CV, but unemployment for a couple of months or years will harm your career. This gap makes the company interested in hiring you questionable. Now, if you have gone through this work gap, then we have a few ways by which you can cope with this situation.

Common Reasons for Employment Gap

There are two main types of reasons for an employment gap, i.e., 1) Personal Reason, and 2) Professional Reason

Personal Reasons

Personal reasons mostly include instances that affect our personal lives and make us live the job for some time. For instance-

Illness- An employee's productivity is directly proportional to his health. Researches say that 31% of employees go through mental trauma, which is the main reason behind the decrement in employee productivity. And this increases to a level that a break from work becomes mandatory. Now, how would you explain this to your interviewer?

Here is How:

  • Stay honest about your illness but do not go into the details.
  • Express how you utilized that phase of your life and upgraded your skills. Do not forget to tell the interviewer about how you stay in touch with new market trends.
  • Do not forget to show a positive attitude about how much you are interested in the job opportunity.

Family Emergencies- For most of us, nothing is beyond family. But, justifying the same while giving an interview in a new company needs to be on point.

Here is How:

  • Share the emergency (do not go into detail) and tell why you were required there urgently.
  • Make it a point to convey that the issues have been taken care of, and everything is under control now.
  • Also, if you think it might happen again, make sure to convey the same to the interviewer and get full marks on your honesty.
  • Express your willingness to start working as soon as possible.

Taking Time out for Family and Kids- For many of us, the motivation to keep blooming in our career and life comes from our family. So, if you have taken some time off to be with your family for some time, justify it in the best way.

Here is How:

  • Elaborate why it was important for you to take this break or how work was impacting your personal life.
  • Give clarity on why you think you are all set to get back to work.
  • Be clear in your tone and do not sound in a dilemma in between work-life balance.

Professional Reasons

Professional reason implies when an employee feels he is not getting enough exposure, learning, etc., in the company. For instance-

Problem with Culture of the Workplace- Employees in some companies are treated as slaves, where neither they get salary raises nor are they given due credits. Now conveying this concern to the interviewee is suggested below.

Here is How:

  • Share your exact concern with a workplace concern.
  • Explain how you raised this concern with the management and how unprofessional they were and do not take any steps.

The Position was a Surplus- Many companies come up with surplus job opportunities that are mostly contractual to save capital. If you have been in those shoes, then read on.

Here is How:

  • Describe why that job role was helpful for your career growth and why you took it in the first place.
  • Explain how that profile made your basics clear and improved your efficiency.

No Exposure or Career Growth- Most employees seek career growth in whatever profile they are. So, it is fair enough to leave a job when you see no growth, and finding a new job becomes tough. But we always have a way out to explain why you needed to do so at that time.

Here is How:

  • Describe why you seek growth and why learning was important.
  • Explain how dedicated you are when it comes to new learning.

Try all these ways to define your job gap and see how impressive you look in front of your interviewer. Come back to Jaddm for more helpful tips to get through a job interview.

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