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How to Start Looking for a New Job? Jaddm Recruitment Services
09 Oct

How to Start Looking for a New Job? Jaddm Recruitment Services

Well, if you are reading this article right now, that means you are looking for a new job or your first job itself. And we need not to tell you that while searching for a job, there are a few things we should keep in mind. These things will vary if you are looking for a job change or your first job. In this blog today, being a job consultancy firm, we at Jaddm are all set to help you both ways.

How to Get that Red Flag about Changing your Job?

Job change includes many reasons, and they vary for every individual. Some most common Red Flags to change a job are:-


Amidst the lockdown, we have seen a lot of people getting jobless and being laid off due to companies going into losses. Such situations are an indication of looking out for new job opportunities. If you ever feel that your company is cross-cutting and lay off employees, and then start looking for a new job opportunity.

Bad Work Environment-

While we join a new company, we cannot judge its working environment in a day or two. It takes time to understand the working culture of a company. And as soon as you realize it, if things point towards negative, then start looking for better options. A healthy working environment is crucial for any employee to feel satisfied with his job. But if situations are opposite, then there is nothing to look forward to. Run!

No Increment-

Growing in our career in terms of knowledge as well as financially is important. A company flourishes when new clients come, but it will flourish more when the employees get a raise too. And if that is not happening at your office, then you are wasting your skills at the wrong place. We are an HR consultancy, and we know how many companies are looking for potential candidates to fill up a position in their company. Just make your mind and move ahead to the next job.

No Career Growth-

Switching a company for a great salary hike is okay, but career growth is mandatory too. It is important to understand that growing with knowledge, skills, etc., makes us more talented. So, if you sense no growth in that term, know that you need to switch to be the best version of yourself. Look out for an opening that offers you more learning than a monotonous job.

Now, these reasons are enough to switch to a new job. It is necessary to consider a few things before applying for a job as a fresher.

Cross-check the Background-

Always cross-check the background of the company you are applying for a job. There have been cases where many fraudsters have posted job vacancies on various social media portals and looted people when they went for an interview.

Choose your Location-

Apply for jobs only in locations that you can travel or relocate to. In India, we have a few hubs where you get the best IT jobs and other areas where you get the best creative job. So, as per your interest, filter the job location.

Salary Package-

No matter you are a fresher, make sure you get paid the correct salary as per your skillset and knowledge. Chances increase of a good salary if you have interned in the same field in the past. Setting your salary expectations will help you reach for companies that will pay you a handsome salary.

Considering these reasons to change your existing job or looking for a job opportunity as a fresher, you can help yourself a lot. At Jaddm, we help recruiters and employees to fetch the best job opportunity for them. So, log in to our website and get access to the available job opportunities for yourself.

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