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Modern Methods of Performance Appraisal
25 Feb

Modern Methods of Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is a crucial factor to motivate an employee within an organization. The proper assessment provides a clear report of an individual’s skills, talent, his or her effort for the target achievements. On these criteria, their promotion and salary increment depend. But the companies could not effectively perform an appraisal and they eventually fail.

On the other, the organization claims that it is a time-consuming task and even after sparing enough time, it might not provide an efficient result. Employers get overloaded with multiple questions and try to find out the solution.

The genuine assessment of employee’s efforts is essential to keep them going. Everyone wishes for their career growth and eagerly waits for the performance appraisal. Therefore, it cannot be ignored in any situation.

The appropriate evaluation also provides employers with assesses report of their employees, capability through which they may analyze the requirement of replacement and manage the lacking side of their entire workforce. Thus, you can say, that performance appraisal does not benefit employees only but the employers as well. The regular analysis is a must factor to strengthen the business and get the desired level of output.

Performance appraisal through the old concept might not be effective. Since the assessment of the past performance is not enough, the organization should also focus on improving the future performance of their employees. Several kinds of ups and downs come. Therefore, the business target might get affected but it does not indicate the incapability of employees.

If positively taken the performance, then it might be, it is their talent that could manage a standard level of business output even during the worst market situation. So before concluding anything, employers must look at each side that is related to their business outcome.

Understanding the performance appraisal:

Every employee is deputed with an area of responsibility and he or she is supposed to perform well and achieve the expected target. The real-time assessment is carried out by managers to understand their performance level and their dedication to the task.

The business's productivity depends on employee’s hard work, their management skill, their eye for improvements, and many more. Employees with the best performance over the year can be listed for promotion. Many companies prefer the placement of internal employees at a higher position as they think that internal employees can manage businesses well.

Apart from this, there is no requirement of training them for a longer time. The organization can adopt the latest methods of performance appraisal to choose the right employees to locate them at the higher position through the promotion process.

Have a look at the updated techniques of performance appraisal:

The organization may use the updated techniques to carry the performance appraisal.

Management by objectives: This refers to the evaluation of employees’ objectives by managers. This is believed to be the most effective method to determine the effort of an employee within an organization.

Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS): This specific factor is the reliable way to analyze the employee’s behaviors and the strategies adopted by them to complete their tasks. Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale is said to be the perfect combination of the modern and traditional methods that ensure the most legitimate outcome.

Critical Incident Method: Every organization conducts an event in which employees are expected to do something amazing. Therefore, through the Critical Incident Method, the manager prepares a report of each employee regarding their contribution to the event. Such an evaluation is taken as the core factor for the improvement of the organization and employees as well.

360-degree feedback: It is said to be a tool of performance through which the feedback is collected for employees with whom he or she interacts. Feedback methods have been included to encourage the employees to do their best for the best feedback.

Assessment center method: This kind of performance appraisal method relates the social circumstances. Employees are usually emphasized to use their expertise to show their ability within an organization.


Organizations must embrace the modern ways for performance appraisal. This is useful for both businesses and employees. Motivational activities are vital for the improvement of employee’s skills and enable them to apply more effort to obtain the expected result for businesses.

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