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Top 10 Telephonic interview tips and techniques
19 Oct

Top 10 Telephonic interview tips and techniques

Importance of telephonic interviews

The telephonic interview denotes an approach to primary research. Today employers are taking telephonic interviews frequently to screen the candidates for the next phase of the interview. Telephonic round is believed to be easier to communicate with the candidate and check out their overall attitude and potential to judge the suitability for the vacant position. The trend of interviews on phone has helped to that job-seeker a lot who are not available in the city where the company is located therefore, a candidate must take it seriously rather than treating it as fun.

While taking attending the interview on phone calls, you should be careful about some of the factors to make your telephonic round hassle-free. Though you are going to face interviewers apparently but even then dress in the proper way to develop a professional attitude inside yourself. This will help you to concentrate on the interview to the fullest. Apart from these, you need to be attentive to listening to the interviewers to give them quality responses. Like an interview, you can prepare in the best possible always to secure yourself for the next round.

We have mentioned top questions and answers to help your prepare in the best possible ways to get positive feedback from interviewers. Just have a look at these:

Choose a peaceful place to avoid disturbance:

If you are going to attend the telephonic interview then you need to choose a peaceful place to escape from getting disturbed by unprofessional elements. While making conversation with interviews on phone calls during the interview, you need to be very concentrated to answer their question with clarity. Therefore, position yourself at the place holding the congenial situation to let you attend your telephonic interview calmly.

Keep your documents with you:

Prepare yourself in all possible ways to do the best during your telephonic interview. Interviewers are likely to raise the questions related to your professional experiences and other technical skills that you have mentioned in your resume. Therefore, keep all related documents ready with you. The ready documents will enable you to answer any question from your resume with a precise explanation to let interviewers know about your work management skills and attitude towards the responsibility assigned to you after you get hired.

Listen and don’t monopolize the conversation:

Be a good listener always during an interview on phone calls. Possession of such a habit is important to leave a positive impression in front of interviewers. They remark you with each word and activity to ultimately judge your professional attitude and patience to manage the tasks even under the pressure. Therefore, try to go with a calm attitude showing the professional courtesy. And do not try to monopolize the conversation as it might lead to the rejection of your candidature.

Be positive:

It is believed that showing a positive attitude enhances the possibility of getting selected by interviewers. Your positive attitude itself is a strong reflection of your confidence at the time of taking the interview. Therefore, remember to keep your mind full of positive thoughts and maintain a smile on your face during the interview even on phone calls. This will allow you to answer even the interviewer’s complex questions competently. A positive mind can think out of the box and thus you can compel interviewers to consider your candidature first despite having lists of a large number of other candidates. The most important aspect is that you need to create a vast difference for yourself to be the winner.

Assemble your cheat sheet:

Assembling your cheat sheet refers to the keeping your required notes ready. There are no limitations on the type of question. Interviewers may ask a question on any section like your professional achievements and technical skills, your next plan in due course, and many more. Thus, you should make a note in bullet points to remember those easily and also to take a look if needed during the interview. But never let interviewers realize that you have assembled the cheat sheet for the recollection of the possible interview points. You need to act smartly and patiently.

Avoid talking about the salary:

Talking about salary from your side would not be feasible until the interviewer asks about your salary from his or her side. If you are asked about your salary by interviewers then answer their question tactfully. Let them know your expected salary based on a reasonable hike as per the industry norms by initiating with what you are getting in the current organization. But do not show your rigidity for your expectation. Always close this subject with a flexible attitude for negotiation regarding salary if required.

Wait for the interviewer to end up the telephonic interview:

While attending the interview on a phone call, you need patience and wait for the close of the interview from the interviewer’s side. Being an interviewee, do not try to end the conversation from your side. It might lead to the development of a negative impression for you to the mind of interviewers and they may realize that you are least interested in the job or willing to escape from their unexpected question hits. Therefore, be careful and continue with interview processes until the interviewer ends up the call.

Thanking interviewer:

In the corporate world, observing professional courtesy is crucial to retain within an organization, and to grab the new opportunity. This is applicable for all circumstances, either you are taking an interview or attending a usual meeting with your managers. Therefore, do not forget to thank the interviewer before he or she disconnects the interview call. Try your best to follow the corporate cultures in all possible ways to end up with a positive attitude towards interviewers.

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