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Why recruiters don't want work with start-up recruitment firm
16 Oct

Why recruiters don't want work with start-up recruitment firm

The recruitment process refers to making a valuable approach to attract top talents. Therefore, it is crucial to work with well-recognized recruitment firms rather than choosing any start-up. Usually, employers demand top performers, and providing them with such a candidate is possible by adopting the innovative tools and utilizing the result-oriented strategies.

Why recruiters don't want work with start-up recruitment firm

With the changing time, many recruitment firms have adopted cutting-edge technology to build a network with active and passive job-seekers. Accessing passive job-seeker in the market is somewhat difficult for recruiters.

As far as start-up recruitment firms are concerned, they work on traditional job boards and career sites. As a result, working with outdated tools and recruitment policies creates unbeatable challenges for recruiters to find desired talents. These are some of the drawbacks of start-up firms due to which recruiters avoid working with them.

Usually, as a recruitment professional, recruiters need to follow their organizational hiring policies to meet their client’s business needs. It is believed that creative, analytical and management proficiencies are keys to providing a good number of selections with a skilled workforce. Thus, they might feel restricted in start-up recruitment firms to use their area of expertise to develop the pool of top talents and close the open position with good hires.

Let’s have a look at the drawbacks of start-up recruitment firms:

They could not identify the root cause of problems in their recruitment strategies:

Usually, start-up recruitment firms could not realize the flaws of their recruitment strategies if any problem occurs with their clients. They might be unhappy because of providing them with candidates having no desired skills or having less experience. Such a scenario comes up due to the negligence of hiring managers who lack knowledge of appropriate recruitment processes in the first go. This leads to a bad impact in front of clients and they might think of withdrawing their relationship with incompetent recruitment firms.

Inappropriate method of assessing job applicants:

For a recruitment firm, making use of an appropriate method to assess a job-applicant is the most important factor. But start-up recruitment firms fail to assess the right candidate and they reject them without identifying and analyzing their relevant experiences and skills. Even a candidate lacks some of the skills but is good at their communication and ability to grab the new things, then they might be considered fit for the specific positions prescribed by their clients. This is another remarkable negative aspect of start-up recruitment firms. Recruiters might feel a downfall in their recruitment proficiencies.

Candidates are interviewed employing traditional methods:

Interviewing candidates based on a traditional format might be annoying for them. In the current time, everyone wants to embrace the revitalizing and invigorating methods to accompany professional lives. Therefore, a recruitment firm needs to make a candidate feel positive during their interview and ensure them for more good opportunities for them. Additionally, they can ask for references to fill other positions at the end of the interview. This will help them to develop effective networks with talented candidates. Start-up recruitment firms do not follow these impressive techniques for hiring processes.

Difficulties with the application process for the posted job:

Start-up recruitment firms do not understand the needs of job-seekers. The candidate who is actively looking for another opportunity would like to have an easier process to apply for the posted jobs by recruiters after going through desired skills. And most of them like to complete the application process through their mobile device. But when they find unexpected hindrances, they immediately drop out of the application process. Using the LinkedIn profile is considered the best option for the convenience of candidates.

Recruitment process without setting a recruitment target:

While initiating for the recruitment process, setting a recruitment target is necessary for an effective outcome. Being a recruitment firm, employed recruiters should be instructed to make a depth market research to attract passive candidates with desired skills and experiences. It is usually difficult for start-up recruitment firms to attract personals who are employed with big brands. Thus, changing the recruitment strategies is important for start-up recruitment firms to get good hires for their clients.


A start-up recruitment firm shows above-stated shortcomings and finally leads to dismal circumstances for recruiters. Therefore, start-ups should try to realize the real-time requirement to improve their recruitment process. Mismanagement in hiring processes creates a problematic condition for both candidates and employers. Thus, they need to work on improving their recruitment approach first for appropriate assessment of the applicant and finally ending with talented candidates.