Jaddm Terms & Conditions-Latest Job Openings

As a well-recognized recruitment services provider, Jaddm is involved in serving the real requirements of employers and job-seekers. We utilize data and information related to you to provide authentic suggestions to you.

We strictly prohibit misconduct by users and Jaddm holds the authority to terminate services in the case, any violation is caught by visitors. Besides we follow a standard policy to safeguard our website user’s information which is collected during their visit.

The collected information of users is utilized to make them acquainted with our service facilities and changes made by us in our service policies. When you make use of any services encompassing job postings, resume services, then you would be liable to follow the rules, guidelines, and policies.

Usability of the website

While using our website, your conduct will be governed by the following principles:

  • You will not be allowed for any misleading conduct that might affect the confidential data of other users and our website.
  • Users or you have to take care of the quality of the content or images that might be associated with illegal activities.
  • Any of the users cannot upload the photographs or texts that endorse to buy illegal weapons, infringes someone’s privacy or instigates to develop of PC malware like Trojan, Ransomware for the theft of someone’s login credentials and other important data.
  • We are highly concerned about infringement of trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights deceitful publicity.
  • You would not be a subject to utilize any deep-link, page-scrape, robot or other automatic programs to keep track of our website facets.
  • Being a visitor, you cannot approach to gain illegal access to our website system or any other network that leads to our personal information on the website.
  • You cannot test and scan the vulnerability of the website to conduct the data security breach using our name. If you conduct any of these, it would a punishable offense for you.

Use of the content

  • You can utilize the information available for our products and services on our website.
  • We allow users to download the information provided that they will not remove proprietary notice language made available by us.
  • Users can use this information for their purpose and non-commercial informational objective.
  • We do not allow you to manipulate our product and services' information from your side.
  • You shall not make any separate or additional representations or warranties associated with our website products and services.